Stefan Kirsch

Stefan Kirsch is a Senior Manager at Bergos Berenberg in Zuerich. Berenberg is the second oldest private bank in the world. Together with Anna Korovatskaya-Gross Stefan founded the Swiss Russian Premium Network (SRPN) in 2015. For the last fifteen years Stefan has been working with clients from Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East as well as Europe and Switzerland.  Stefan was born in Germany, studied in France, and started his career at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt in 1998. Together with a UHNWI client he founded a London-based joint venture. In 2005, Stefan and his family moved to Zurich. He travels regularly to meet clients and business partners.  Stefan enjoys travelling, cooking for family and friends and hiking in the mountains.


SWISS INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM NETWORK was founded by Stefan Kirsch to offer a networking platform to enhance business and personal networks in a relaxed and exclusive setting.

Internationally minded people with diverse business and personal backgrounds meet and share their knowledge and experience.

The network is not profit-oriented. Participant fees cover costs for welcome drinks, snacks, location, service, marketing and web-hosting.